Class Work

Below you can find links to some of my papers, projects, and presentations... all of which were completed for a class.

IMS 201- Information Studies in the Digital Age

This document includes an outline and script for a video tutorial done for this class (IMS 201), completed within a team of three individuals. Our video was designed as a Facebook tutorial for older generations.

This is an image of the storyboard I drew in preparation for our tutorial filming.

This is the final tutorial video. This work was a team collaboration with my team-mates, Kyle Kron and Allison Korson.

IMS 224- Digital Writing and Rhetoric

This is an image of an advertisement I created as part of a larger project revolving around CyberBullying.

This is a soundclip PSA created as part of a larger project revolving around CyberBullying.

MGT 291- Intro to Management and Leadership

This PowerPoint was the final culmination of a research study conducted by myself and my partner, Mounika Gutti.

This research paper includes the extensive research and results behind our study.

MKT 291- Intro to Marketing

This PowerPoint was the final culmination of a project completed for Abercrombie & Fitch, Inc. This presentation describes the marketing event my team designed for one of their brands--Gilly Hicks. My teammates for this project were Abby Greifenkamp, Kayti Faustini, Lydia Conklin, Michael Rhodes, and Sean Allen.

MKT 301- Creativity, Innovation, and Decision Making in Marketing

This PowerPoint was used in a class presentation designed to inform the class about the competitive landscape surrounding our real-life client--Indian Ridge Golf Course in Oxford, OH. The PowerPoint was designed entirely by me, however some of the research content came from my teammates--Kate Beach, Anthony Colant, Megan McCall, and Molly O'Rourke.

    MKT 325- Consumer Behavior

    This PowerPoint was the final culmination of a consumer behavior group project. The task was to choose a product and then develope market research and strategy on how to re-target this product towards a given subculture. My group chose to re-target Nikon's 1-J2 Camera to the LGBT subculture. My teammates for this project were Cara Contini, Clare Grall, and Tamika Turner.

    MKT 335- Marketing Research

    This report is part of a semester-long Marketing Research group project. Our task was to develop a product idea and then conduct extensive marketing research using a variety of tools and methods. My team--"The Comeback Kids", developed the idea of a concussion detecting football helmet technology, entitled ProTech. This report is a summary of our qualitative research. My teammates included Andrew Barclay, Kristin Bell, Mike Clark, and Ewa Huang.

    This research paper is another portion of the same group project mentioned above. This report summarizes the eye-tracking data collected after running tests using volunteer subjects who were asked to view a digital advertisment. This report includes data visualizations and a description of the insight gained.